July 29, 2022 || 9:57 pm

Why Cristiano Ronaldo football king, what’s skills

“I would like to see Cris”tiano Ronaldo in La Liga,” he stated. However, he is u’nsure if Atletico have the required financial muscle to pul’l off a deal of this magnitude.

“Whether it is feasible or no’t for Atletico Madrid, I do not know. They will have to mak’e some exits if they want to bring in this player. But to m’ake room for a player of this level, you have to make ro’om for some players,” he added.

Tebas also opined that Real Ma’drid are still the favourites to win La Liga, desp’ite Barcelona making some statement signings such as Rob’ert Lewandowski, and Raphinha.

“Real Madrid are the league a’nd Champions League champions. On the field, they ha’ve already shown the level they have. Barcelona have m’ade great additions and will give a tough fight, but Real Madr’id are the current champions and none of its great pla’yers have left,” he said.

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