July 19, 2022 || 8:55 am

(Video) Mohamed Salah will never forget this humiliating performance by Cristiano Ronaldo

From Man Utd’s point of view, they can use that as leverage. But, of course, it’s a poisoned chalice now because Manchester United don’t want to sell Ronaldo, but getting Ronaldo back is not good for the mood and it casts a shadow over the beginning of the Erik ten Hag era.

There’s just nobody lying there and waiting.

If you look at where Ronaldo might actually want to go, Spain is an option for sure but Atleti have never made a habit of paying those big kinds of wages, Barcelona are not going to take him and Real Madrid are not interested in a return.

He didn’t return his time playing for Juventus but Napoli are still interested in Serie A. They fall into the category of not being able to afford Ronaldo unless he’s prepared to take a wage cut.

I think the most likely scenario is that Ronaldo will be forced to stay at Manchester United.

Man Utd will want to put their foot down and make a quick decision.

Manchester United will want to be able to rely on having Ronaldo for the whole season and plan accordingly. If they can’t plan according because this is going to drag on beyond the beginning of the season, then it’s lose-lose all around.

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