July 21, 2022 || 8:43 pm

VIDEO: Differences between Christiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi. Skills, shots, goals, etc

The question of who is be’tter between the Portuguese phenomenon and the empy’rean Argentine has dominated the minds of football fans ever’ywhere for the past decade and will persist into the fu”ture.

Club and national loyal’ties can cloud judgement on the matter, while personali”ties also play a part in how good a player is perceived to b’e, and most people know who they’d pick.

So who really is the grea’test of all time? Never mind who you prefer, GOAL has take’n a look at how the pair actually shape up head-to-h’ead so you can be fully armed with facts in the eternal argum’ent.
watch video click here

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