July 24, 2022 || 12:27 pm

Unseen Moment: Christiano Ronaldo caught on camera sleeping with trophy in hand, fans go LOL

Christiano Ronaldo is that one spo’rting icon who well and truly needs no introduction. The foo’tball legend has been ruling the roost in the game for m’ore than a decade and the number of people he has been an inspira’tion in life is absolutely uncount’able.

A magnificent career both at the Inter’national level for Portugal as well as franchise level footb’all, Ronaldo has achieved it all and has been a part of so’me stellar championship victor’ies.

Usually, we see sportsmen celebr’ating with their trophies. But guess what, Christ’iano Ronaldo was once caught on camera falling a’sleep and napping with it. Check out below and you wi’ll go LOL –

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