July 19, 2022 || 9:51 pm

Two Times VAR Had Favored Liverpool In Final Games This Season

No team has enjoyed more contr’over’sial decisions than Liverpool this season. It has go’tten to a stage wh’ere decisions being made by VAR have t’o be questioned for w’eeks by fans. This is because footb’all fans don’t see these rulings ensue agai’nst other tea’ms except when it’s against Liverpool. Two times VAR h’ad fa’voured Liverpool in the final games this se’ason.

1. Lukaku ruled out extra-ti’me goal again’st Chelsea

Chelsea fans will hold these mem’’ories for long in their hearts. It’s a heart-wrenching m’oment for the’m in the Carabao cup final against Liverpoo’l. Romelu Lukaku had sco’red a brilliant goal inside th’e box after picking up an opening pass. He dribbl’ed pa’st the Liverpool defenders and tucked the ball at th’e back of the ne’t.

VAR had to make some checks that s’ho’wed how Romelu Lukaku’s arms were offside. Using the de’ductive reason of hum’ans, we are not machines. Lukaku has man’aged to stay onsi’de and that VAR decision was outrag’eously being over-utilized in the fav’or of Liver’pool. That decision cost Chelsea the Carabao cup title. I thi’nk w’hen Chelsea fans complain about the hate on their t’eam with that incide’nt, I can relate better with th’em on that because Mane has scored a si’milar goal like th’is against Villarreal and it sto’od.

2. Benzema’s goal being ru’led out as offside aga’inst Liverpool in the Champions Leag’ue fi’nal

There is no logical offside ru’le that co’uld make sense to football fans when it’s be’ing used overused. A lot of fo’otball fans couldn’t beli’eve their eyes when Benzema’s first-half goal aga’inst Liver’pool was canceled by VAR. I mean, Robertson was behind the goa’lk’eeper, he was the last man.
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