July 27, 2022 || 4:39 am

Top 20 Famous Penalty Kicks • Impossible To Forget

Arguably the most ne”rvy of all moments during the course of a given soccer match, the pen’alty shot is psychological warfare: Two men, o’ne ball and stakes that do not get much greater in soccer, a cl’ear chance to score a goal.

Over the years of world football his’tory, penalties and missed penalties have provided mem’ories littered with controversial and dramatic mo’ments. A penalty is supposed to be finished at the pro’fessional level: period. Anything else is a fai’lure.

Such a task should only be requi’red of players made with the iciest of ve”ins.

For goalkeepers, a penalty sa’ve is a way to distinguish themselves, shift momentum in a m’atch and let whichever defender conceded off the ho’ok for his mistake.

This slideshow looks at som’e of the best penalty kick takers in the history of world foot’ball. There is no overall empirical method empl’oyed for this list. And while some of the ranking is bas’ed around numerical penalty success, there are ot’her variables considered and gathered from watching penal’ties and researching style and stakes.

As always, no list is 100 per’cent correct, so feel free to provide any comments abo’ut who was missed, who should be higher or who should be lo’wer.

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