July 27, 2022 || 2:03 am

Top 10 Penalty Goals By Goalkeepers

From the sights and sme’lls of new jerseys to the pings of hourly transfer updates, th’e off-season leading up to the 2022-23 season is well under’way. But as excited as I am for the new season, I’m not qu’ite ready to let go of 2021-22 just yet. It was entert’aining and bonkers,

from the Premier League title race com’ing down to the last day to Real Madrid relying on com’eback after comeback (and some Thibaut Courtois ma’gic) to claim yet another UEFA Champions League ti’tle.

Not to mention all of the ridic’ulous individual achievements, from Karim Ben’zema and Robert Lewandowski’s scoring exploits to Kevin De Bru’yne bossing things in Manchester City’s midf’ield.

But before the new season kick’s off, I want to take one last look at the goalkee’pers and dish out some awards for the men between the sticks. 20’21-22 showcased some of the finest goalkeeper performa’nces in the world,

and it’s time those goalke’epers get their due beyond the standard Goalkeeper of the Sea’son awards normally given to the guy with the most cle’an sheets.

From honouring the best 1-v-1 goalke’eper to highlighting the new faces breaking in, he’re are my awards for the 2021-22 sea’son.

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