July 26, 2022 || 5:01 am

Top 10 Funny Red Cards in Football History |HD

You can’t have any art’icle about winks without possibly the most famous blink of a’n eye in football, certainly for fans of Eng’land.

The Three Lions bow’ed out of the 2006 World Cup on penalties after a pena’lty shootout defeat to Portugal. But not before they were red’uced to ten men, Wayne Rooney receiving a straight red for a stam’p on then-Chelsea defender Ricardo Carv’alho.

Cristiano Ronaldo had led the prot’ests as the Portuguese players urged referee Horacio Marc’elo Elizondo to show his Manchester United team-mate a re’d card. He was then caught winking by TV cameras as Roon’ey trooped off.

It earned Ronaldo ‘The Winker’ mon’iker and incensed fans and media al’ike.

Sir Alex Ferguson later reve’aled that the wink was nothing to do with Rooney’s dis’missal but Ronaldo’s reaction to being told to ‘calm_down’ by his bench.

But why let the tr’uth ruin a gr’eat story?

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