May 23, 2022 || 1:20 pm

Thiago’s injury, is raising concerns, about the ‘proud’ club..!

If he had won so many points, in the English Premier League at one time, he could have won the league title without any doubt. Not going now. Not going because of clubs like, Manchester City, Liverpool. These two teams have raised the standard of, football to such a level that even 92 points, do not guarantee victory in the league. That is why Liverpool could, not win the league despite getting 92, points this time. Getting one point more, he won the title on the, forehead of City.

However, 92 points is not to be, taken lightly. Liverpool manager Jর্গrgen Klopp, understands that. He is proud to see the mindset and perseverance, of the players.

Despite losing the league, the club, is so proud of its students, ‘I have told them 500 times, they are my best students. I have not found a better group, than them. It makes me happy to be able, to work with them every morning. We know why we lost the, league. Now is the time to learn from those mistakes. The first, half of the season did not go, so well for us. It had to be more consistent. ‘

Despite not winning, the Quadruple, the club still has a chance to win the treble this, season. The Champions League final, is ahead. If they beat Real Madrid there, Liverpool will win the FA Cup, and Carabao Cup as well as the third title of the season.

With that in mind, Klopp is now consoling himself, saying, ‘If people, outside don’t understand how good these guys are, they can’t be, explained. Hopefully, with these boys, we will, win the third title of the season. ‘

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