June 3, 2022 || 4:14 pm

Real Madrid ask authorities, for answers over treatment, of fans at Champions, League final in Paris..!

Real Madrid beat Liverpool 1-0 in last, week’s Champions League final in the Stade de France; game was, delayed for nearly 40 minutes, after supporters struggled to get into the stadium in Paris; Liverpool, CEO said this week he was “horrified” by, fan testimonies after the match

The Champions League final was delayed, by over 30 minutes
The Spanish side said, their supporters were “victims” of the “unfortunate events” that took, place at the Stade de France, adding that the, scenes had caused “deep outrage around the world”.

Liverpool beaten by Real Madrid in, chaotic CL final
Liverpool CEO ‘horrified’ by latest CL final fan, findings
Chaos in Paris: Witnesses, on ‘scary’ Stade de France scenes
Real’s statement revealed “many of the, fans were violently assaulted, harassed, and robbed” and that “some of them even had to spend the night, in hospital”.

Their complaints echo those, of Liverpool, with Billy Hogan, the Premier, League club’s chief executive, saying this week he has been “horrified” by accounts, from fans after receiving more, than 5,000 pieces of feedback about issues, surrounding last week’s game.

The match – the biggest in club, football – was delayed by nearly 40 minutes, as fans struggled to enter the Stade de France. Some supporters with, legitimate tickets were denied entry, into the ground, while others were tear-gassed by police.

UEFA initially blamed the delayed, kick-off on Liverpool fans arriving late to, the stadium, while Amelie Oudea-Castera, the French, sports minister, accused Liverpool fans let “out, in the wild” of causing the issues.

Hogan hit out at the “surprising” comments, from Oudea-Castera, who has since, commissioned a report on the troubles that marred the showpiece, event. Michael Cadot, the inter-ministerial, delegate for large sports events, has been asked to produce the, report within 10 days.

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