May 13, 2022 || 12:32 pm

Real coach’s strategy, for the Champions, League final is leaked now..!

There is probably no doubt, that Ancelotti will play Benzema in, the final
There is probably no doubt, that Ancelotti will play Benzema in, the final. Photo: Twitter
Carlo Ancelotti seems to be, in the mood to reveal everything.

Real Madrid beat Levante 6-0 in, the league yesterday, then the Real coach, has directly stated what will be the XI in the remaining two matches, of the league. Real has already won the title, in the league, or you can tell Ancelotti. So tell me the, strategy of the Champions League final?

That is what Ancelotti did. Real have, already announced the schedule in which, they will play in the final against Liverpool on May 26, and have, confirmed the place of two players, in the XI.

Ancelotti has confirmed that, Rodrigo will play in the final
Ancelotti has confirmed, that Rodrigo will play in the finalPhoto: Twitter
‘The table will be 4-3-3, which can, be changed to 4-4-2 from time to time. There is, no set table here ‘- said Ancelotti at the end, of tomorrow’s match.

This, of course, is, nothing new. Real have played 4-3-3 in the entire season. Ancelotti, also cites the semifinals against, Manchester City as an example of tactics, saying, “Suppose we, played 4-3-3 against City, then I took Madrich (City, midfielder) closer to Radri, the table became 4-4-1-1. The concept, of the game will not change much, it will, depend on the tactics we use to snatch the ball, from the opponent.

When it came to Real’s, two youngsters, Rodrigo and Federico, Valverde, Ancelotti a,nnounced plans for a Champions League final. “They will both play in the final, that,’s for sure” – Real coach’s plan.

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