PSG thinks Mbappe, is going to Real, Real thinks, Mbappe is staying at PSG..!

And a day or two. In the, meantime, Killian Mbappe will tell which club, he is going to – Real Madrid or PSG. A decision that no one but Mbappe, knows, at least seemingly.

Perhaps the most appropriate, explanation for the situation is given, by Julian Lawrence. RMC Sport, BT Sports, ESPN’s French football, correspondent tweeted, “What Mbappe will, decide will probably be known in a day or two. Even in such a situation, PSG thinks he is going to Real, Real, thinks he is going to stay in PSG! This change of team is unbelievable! But at leas,t one team will be happy, very soon.

However, what, Gianluca Di Margio, a reliable journalist on Italian defection, has to say, will only increase, the heartache of Real, supporters. This Italian journalist has somehow confirmed that th,e French forward is staying at PSG, not Real.

Only high bonuses and salaries have, been heard for so long. El Chiringito’s journalist Edu Agiri, had said two days ago that PSG had, offered to make Mbappe the club’s ‘sports director’.

How? The entire sports project will be, under the control of MBAP. The ability to, change coaches and the player of choice will be brought to him, who will be, left out of the dislike of Mbopp! In, addition to this, there is the financial temptation, to raise eyebrows. It is natural to hear from The Margio that the PSG’s proposal, has worked.

This is the last time Mbappe has, discussed with his delegation. The forward, had gone to Qatar a few days ago to talk to the PSG officials. The forward has, been in talks with his family since, returning from Qatar

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