President of La Liga looking, forward to watching, Leva play in Barcelona..!

Barcelona These two titles are,, coming up again and again with the upcoming squad change in Eur,opean club football. Leva wants to l,,eave Bayern Munich. And Barcelona wants, to add this Polish striker to the team.

Bayern’s current contract with Lever, will expire next season. The German, club do not want to release him this season. This is an obstacle for Barcelona in get,ting Leva. Leva and Bars reunion has be,en hampered, by La Liga’s pay structure and the, financial crisis at Camp Nou.

Leva is leaving, Bayern Munich for Bar
Leva is leaving Bayern M,unich for Bar Reuters
Whether Barcelona will get Leva after, overcoming all the crises is a matter of, debate in European club football. Meanwhile, La Liga president Javier,, Tevez has made a personal request. He hopes,, to see Leva play in Barcelona.

“I hope Lewandowski will pl,ay for Barcelona and have a very good season for the team,” Tebas said, in response to a question about whethe,r Leva had Barcelona. Tebas then added, “The move that Laporta h,as taken will bring Lewandowski to Barcelona. It would be n,ice if. Because he (Lewandowski) is a legend of,, Bayern Munich and European football.

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