May 21, 2022 || 7:17 pm

Premier League, predictions: Are Manchester City likely, to wobble on the final day? Who is going down..?

I’ll level with you, I spent, hours deliberating and toying with the, idea of Aston Villa getting a result. But I came to the conclusion, it was the journalist in me hoping for the,, extraordinary story rather than the punter where cold decisions, are key. Manchester City are a machine, remember, who have an expert, habit of making me look clueless. Not, hard, many will argue.

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Over 200,000 Super 6 entrants, are backing Manchester City to win th,e title in style with a 3-0 victory over Steven Gerrard’s Aston Villa, while over, 500,000 expect a comfortable afternoon, for Pep and his men winning by two goals or more.
Plus, to cause them issues you, need dynamism in high and in wide areas. Heung-Min Son, Wilfried, Zaha, Vinicius Jr and Jarrod Bowen all have,, played big parts in helping their teams get, results against City this season.

Villa just don’t have a player of, that ilk or speed in wide areas to create, those dangerous transitions. I can leave the match and title prices, alone and hope for some final day drama, although thi,s is the ninth time that the Premier League title has been, decided on the final day and in the prev,ious eight seasons the leader always went on to lift t,he trophy.
One bet that does jump off the p,age is Kevin De Bruyne scoring the first goal.

An occasion like this is just made, for De Bruyne to cap his best-ever scoring season, with another important strike to follow up, goals in games against Liverpool (twice), Chelsea, Atletico Madri,d and Real Madrid and of course the four goals in the win o,ver Wolves. There is an added ruthlessness, to De Bruyne in the second half of the season that is taking him to, the cusp of being the greatest Premier League, player we have ever seen. He can reinforce that narrative in, taking City to a fourth title in the last five seasons.

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