May 15, 2022 || 7:57 pm

Messi’s Mbappe, was awarded, a penalty despite, getting a chance to score a hat-trick..!

The title win has already been,confirmed. PSG matches in the French League ‘Am’ are no longer important,to many!
But that is not the case, with Lionel Messi. He seems to have lost himself since signing for the, Paris team from Barcelona, this season. The Argentine magician is also facing criticism. So Messi has, to fight to get himself back in the unimportant, match for PSG!

Messi is well on his way to, succeeding tomorrow. He gave one of the best, performance in PSG jersey. He scored a pair of goals to give the team, a 4-0 win over Mompili.
Bigger than that was, the golden opportunity to score a hat-trick, but Killian gave it, up for Mbopp!

Messi scored the first goal of, PSG in 6 minutes. Mbappe had an indirect, contribution to that goal. A pass from Mbappe from inside the box became a,nother foot to Messi. He easily sent the ball to the net, of Mampiliya from very close. His second, goal in the 20th minute came directly from Mbappe’s pass. Messi took c,ontrol of the French striker’s extraordinary, pass and sent it to the net with his left foot.

PSG made it 3-0, in 26 minutes. This time Anhel Di Maria wrote her name in the, scoresheet.

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