May 13, 2022 || 11:31 pm

Messi ‘failed’ in,PSG for 4 reasons..!

Lionel Messi left Barcelona, last summer, surprising the whole, football world. The Argentine forward then joined the French club PSG.

But he is not able to match, himself in the new address. Instead, the, seven-time Ballon d’Or winner struggles to adapt to French culture and, the style of play of coach Mauricio Pachettino.

PSG has not improved much since, Messi’s arrival as a team. Despite winning, the French League One title, the dream of winning the Champions, League once again has remained elusive, for the Parisians.

Along with the team, Messi’s own, performance has also deteriorated. As fluent, as he was in the Barcelona jersey and the, epitome of fear for the opposition, his splashes in the PSG are, not to be seen.

The reasons behind Messi’s lack, of form have been explored by the, Barcelona-based ‘MBP School of Coaches’, a well-known training institute, for coaches. Their search has revealed that, there are 4 reasons why Messi looks so dull. The first reason is the new role of Messi in the PSG attack. Messi’s role in, the formation of Pachettino is basically, the right winger. However, he is being used more, as a play-maker.

Messi’s goal-scoring rate has dropped, due to his increased responsibility, for the team’s attacking build-up. In Bara, on the, other hand, attacks were arranged around him.

The second reason is seen as, a matter of whether Messi is a quality player, or not. The way PSG is accustomed to playing as a team, the style of, Bar্সa is quite different. As a result, it has begun to have, an effect on Messi’s personal, performance. Although there are a number of star players in the PSG and, they often lead the way in possession of, the ball. And PSG’s style of play is to come up, with an attack from the defense.

PSG’s three star, forwards – Killian Mbappe, Anhel Di Maria and Neymar are very good at counter, attack. Their speed is also great. But, because of his age, Messi no longer has that, edge. Moreover, the style of play of Bar বারa was to hold the ball and come, up slowly to attack. PSG walks in the exact, opposite direction of their passing football. Messi is having, trouble adapting to the dynamic football of Mbappe.

And the third reason is said to be, the influence of MBAP on the game style, of PSG. The French forward’s fast-paced football is the main driving, force behind the current PSG team. A similar, situation has arisen in the case of Messi and Neymar at Bara, or, Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema at Real, Madrid. If the team is in the best form, then the rest are covered, in his shadow. Even the talents of many talented, players are overshadowed by this. Like Neymar, he moved to PSG to, get out of the shadow of Messi. However, Messi is slowly beginning to understand his, role in the team. Proof of 13 assists this season.

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