Manchester City, beat Tottenham in, Carabao Cup: Phil Foden shows, potential for greatness..!

Gündogaaaan. It was a moment, of the highest drama, the wildest of celebrations and it was impossible, to ignore the parallels. Manchester, City had looked goosed, two goals down to Aston Villa with 76 minutes, on the clock, knowing that they, needed three because, well, did anybody really think that Liverpool, would not beat Wolves at Anfield?

The Etihad Stadium was, an angsty place. Villa had lost their previous 11 league matches, at City; the longest such streak away from, home against an opponent in their history. But they were ready to buck, the trend. Steven Gerrard, their manager, was about to help, his beloved Liverpool to the title.

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City had their own script in mind. Just as they, had in 2012, when they needed two, goals in stoppage time to pinch the title, from Manchester United against Queens Park Rangers. Everybody remembers, what happened then. The club unveiled a statue to Sergio Agüeroooo on the Friday before last to, mark the 10-year anniversary.

City did not leave it quite so, late this time. But their solution was, nonetheless epic. Three goals in five minutes, culminating in a burst, from Kevin De Bruyne that took him past, three Villa players, a low cross and a finish from Ilkay Gündogan, at the far post.

It was the 81st, minute and, at last, City knew. The substitutes tore on, to the field in celebration and, all around them, there was noise and, a collective loss of the plot. It feels sweeter, when you have aggressively flirted with disaster.

Gündogan, who came on, as a substitute in the 68th minute, had started the fightback, with a towering header and, if he was the, star turn, he was not the only replacement to have made, a difference. Raheem Sterling provided the cross for him, having, surged to the byline, and Oleksandr Zinchenko, Pep Guardiola’s first, change, played a part in, the equaliser, pulling back for Rodri, who threaded home from the, edge of the area.

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