July 30, 2022 || 6:47 pm

Man Utd vs Atletico Madrid LIVE! Erik ten Hag’s side play penultimate pre-season friendly in Oslo

Man Utd 0-0 Atlético Madrid

HALF TIME! Well, if this is larg’ely the team that will play Brighton next Sunday, the’y’ve certainly been given a proper work-out against Atle’tico Madrid in Oslo.

It’s been anything but a fri’endly, with some fiery moments and tough challenges fl’ying in. Just the five bookings in that opening 45 min’utes.

United have been bright in mo’ments but struggled to control the game as effec’tively as they have in previous pre-season games. Atletico’s fi’ve-at-the-back formation is certainly making it t’ough for Martial up front.

The absence of Sancho is caus’ing problems for United, with Elanaga having a quiet fir’st half. They’re looking lopsided with most of their thre’at coming down the left.

Eriksen and Martinez are on the be’nch, ready to make their debu’ts.

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