Major health system stops, then resumes, Plan B amid Missouri’s, abortion ban ambiguity…!

Saint Luke’s Health System, which operates, 17 hospitals, pharmacies and urgent care clinics in, the Kansas City area, announced on, Wednesday afternoon that it will resume providing emergency, contraceptives following comments from the Missouri Attorney G,eneral’s Office and Missouri Gov. Mik,e Parson clarifying that the new abortion ban does not affect Plan, B or similar products.

The health system said, Tuesday it would no longer provide Plan B at its Missouri, locations as a result of the state’s law, banning nearly all abortions.

Following last week’s U.S. Supreme, Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, abortion, providers,, in Missouri could face criminal, prosecution and prison sentences ranging, from five to 15 years.

In a statement, Laurel Gifford, a spokesperson for Saint Luke’s, said the hospital network made its, decision out of an abundance of caution.

“To ensure we adhere to all, state and federal laws — and until the law in this area becomes bette,r defined — Saint Luke’s will not, provide emergency contraception at our Missouri,-based locations,” Gifford said.

University Health, formerly, Truman Medical Centers, said it would continue to offer emergency, contraceptives in both of its Missouri-based, facilities. University Health spokesperson Leslie Carto said the, hospital didn’t believe that conflicted with, the state’s abortion law.

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