July 29, 2022 || 11:38 am

LEGENDARY Skills By Ronaldinho -HD

The Brazilian sensa’tion was the first footballer to well and truly break the int’ernet as his crossbar challenge for Joga Bonito was the fi’rst video to reach 1 million views on You’Tube.

That was way back in 20_05, the year when Rona’ldinho won the Ballon d’Or and was at t’he peak of his powers.
But fast forward to 2022 and R’10 is still absolutely massive and fans still can’t eno’ugh of his jaw-dropping talents on the pi’tch.

Over on TikTok, @tvjoga’bonito has spliced together clips of Ronaldinho’s best ever pas’ses and has us all salivating at the m’outh.

Football’s greatest ever entert’ainer was an absolute magician who did things that no oth’er player would even attempt to pu’ll off.

Dropping his his sho’ulder and busting all all the flicks and tricks, Ronaldi’nho always had an end product and this compilation shows the ma’ny outrageous passes he produced for his teamm’ates.

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