July 25, 2022 || 12:03 pm

Karim_Benzema – Road To Ballon d’Or 2k22 – HD

MADRID — Karim Benz’ema could not have known, not consciously, what he w’as doing. It all happened too quickly, too chaoti’cally, to be anything other than instinctual. He was stan’ding on the edge of the Paris St.-Germain box.

The ball slipped thro’ugh a thicket of players. It was at his feet. He jabbed o’ut a foot, a flash of movement, a tic, a twitch. And then ev’erything melted around him.Benzema raced off to the cor’ner of the Santiago Bernabéu, its remodeling still a w’ork in progress,

where the new is slowly emerg’ing from the old. His Real Madrid teammates sprinted fr’om all directions to join him, to swarm him, to swallow him. Dav’id Alaba grabbed a plastic folding chair and brandi’shed it above his head. The stands above writhed and sh’ook,

the crowd rendered delirious by witne’ssing the impossibleNot quite 20 minutes ear’lier, Real Madrid had been out of the Champions League. As goo’d as gone, anyway. The team that prides itself a’s the Kings of Europe —

as a banner unfurled by the club’s ult’ras before the game put it — looked old and tired, cau’ght in the megawatt glare of P.S.G.’s star pow’er.

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