May 27, 2022 || 11:03 pm

Jurgen Klopp reveals Thiago, ‘looks good’ for Champions League, final as he talked, Sadio Mane’s future, and the Paris pitch..!

“It looks good for, Thiago and Fabinho,” said Klopp. “Fabinho trained yesterday and, Thiago will train later today. The mood is good, very good. Really, excited to be here now and getting a feeling, for a stadium, location and that is all good.”

Paris pitch could be a problem
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp speaks,, to the players during a training, session at the Stade de France ahead of the UEFA Champions League Final, in Paris on Saturday.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, says he has no concerns about the state of the pitch at the Stade, de France
One unexpected concern, for Liverpool might be the state of the Stade de France pitch, looking less than, its best having been freshly, laid just this week.

“Usually when I say the pitch looks, new, it’s good news,” he said. “This pitch is, new since yesterday, that’s not the best news. But it’s [the same] for, both teams.

“We will do a normal session as, planned, it’s our moment of the season. I saw the, refs with their session and the ball drops normal. You can see the lines, where they put the pitch in and that’s not, normal.

“Someone thought it was a good, idea to bring the pitch in the day before, that’s, interesting! It didn’t kill my mood for a second. We would have, played on a petanque pitch. If both sides are, fine with it, I’m fine with it.

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“I hope nobody makes a story, that Klopp is moaning about a pitch, I’m not. It just could bex different.”

Liverpool players show no signs, of worry
Sky Sports’ Nick Wright, at the Stade de France:

If the pitch is of any real concern, to Liverpool’s players then they did, a good job of hiding it during their open training session at, the Stade de France on Friday evening.

Klopp’s squad looked in relaxed mood, as they took part in some low-intensity, drills in front of the watching media, laughing and joking with each, other during shooting practice and chatting.

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