Jake Daniels: Gareth , Southgate hails Blackpool, forward’s ‘bravery’ for publicly, coming out as gay..!

Gareth Southgate has, hailed Jake Daniels’ “bravery” after the Blackpool striker became, the UK’s first active male professional footballer, to come out publicly as gay.

Daniels revealed the news in an, exclusive interview with Sky Sports last week, saying: “I feel like, I am ready to tell people my story.”

The 17-year-old has received support, from across the football world, with Jurgen, Klopp saying he was “proud” of him, and Price, William, the president of the Football Association, praising his “courage”.

Blackpool’s Jake Daniels comes, out as gay
Klopp: Football will, support Daniels | Grealish: A massive step forward
‘Incredible courage’: Sport reacts, as Jake Daniels comes out as gay
After announcing his squad for, next month’s Nations League matches, England boss Southgate was, asked if more players will feel comfortable, coming out after Daniels did so, and said: “That has to be, the hope.

“Jake has incredible support from, within the game and everybody is admiring the, bravery of someone so young taking that step.

“It’s sad we’re talking, that way. Frankly, across any other walk of life, the sexuality of someone, wouldn’t be questioned or even a discussion. That’s the, bridge we all know has needed to be, crossed and he has opened that possibility for, everybody else now.

“It’s brilliant he’s done that. I hope others, feel the confidence and support that, they feel they can do it. It’s to be proved whether there is, more tolerance from the terraces, from everywhere, within the game.

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