July 20, 2022 || 6:25 pm

(HD Video) Young Cristiano Ronaldo Was Savage

“So, they come to me and we will just do a whole load of work around their weaker foot. They will say that their left foot is way behind and they just want to work on it. I have done that with quite a few players, just doing two of those sessions in a week.

“Ollie and Harvey do not mind that people know about all this but there are some players who do not want people to know they are putting that extra work in.”

Chickelday has not experienced much resistance from the clubs – Villa allowed Watkins to do these sessions at the training ground, after all. Any pushback usually comes from the sports science departments who are wary of the players being overloaded.

“I find that quite funny because when these players do get to the top they say it is because of all the extra work they were putting in. If you are telling them not to do that work how are they supposed to improve?

“If I were a manager and a player was working on his shooting I would applaud it. At the end of the day, it is goals that win you matches and winning matches wins you leagues and cups.”

One day, Chickelday would like to return to an elite-club role. “The aim is to get into a club environment and work with players every day,” he admits. But the verdict on his importance is already in. The next client is waiting. Scott Chickelday heads back to the grass.

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