July 19, 2022 || 3:20 am

(HD Video) The Day Cristiano Ronaldo Showed Ronaldinho Who Is The Boss

Man Utd are firm on not wanting to sell Ronaldo. They’ll be relieved there’s not been any concrete interest and Ronaldo has fallen from grace where – and I say this tongue in cheek – he’s been training alongside Sheffield United.

But what he’s been doing is trying to complete an individual pre-season separate from Manchester United, so returning to the set-up after the pre-season tour will be very difficult.

It doesn’t help him, in a World Cup year, that the season starts early and that he wants his future resolved.

Ronaldo running out of options
I don’t think Atleti are a realistic possibility. They’re not the kind of club that would normally buy into large wage structures and the type of differentiation between what Ronaldo would be asking for and the rest of the squad.

There’s a large amount of interest, but not many clubs are viable for Ronaldo. He needs clubs in the Champions League.

When you look at clubs outside of the Champions League, it’s not ever going to be easy for a club that doesn’t have that kind of income and cannot guarantee Champions League football.

A return to Sporting was never viable. Those links were always going to be made but there’s nothing in them. A return to Real Madrid is exactly the same.

Bayern are standing firm, saying even with Lewandowski off to Barcelona, Ronaldo is not going to be the player to replace him. They’ve been asked repeatedly about him in public and continue to deny any possibility of him going there.

And that doesn’t leave anything other than Ronaldo having to accept that he will return back to Manchester United.

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