July 28, 2022 || 8:52 pm

(HD Video) Players Who Really Hate Cristiano Ronaldo

Nevertheless, with suitors for Ronaldo looking thin on the ground and the Portuguese apparently so intent on leaving Old Trafford

that he asked Man Utd to tear up his contract, Atleti fans have launched a succession of protests against the move.

These started online with a #ContraCR7 campaign on Twitter and continued with an open letter from the supporters to the club in which they claimed Ronaldo

“represents the antithesis of the values that constitute the hallmarks of our Atleti, such as effort, generosity, simplicity and humility”.

During a friendly against Numancia, meanwhile, fans held up an anti-Ronaldo banner behind the goal – and threatened Simeone with the sack.

“Simeone, Simone, listen to the fans,” they chanted. “If you sign Cristiano, you will go to the wall.”

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