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(HD Video) Cristiano Ronaldo’s Funniest Moments – Fails, Celebrations, Interviews!

Many reach out directly. Elliott, for example, knew him from the age of nine, when Chickelday coached him for two years at QPR.

Others are put in touch by coaches. Some just spot his work on social media. “A lot of it is recommendations. Players have to trust you.”

But what does the work actually involve? “They want that repetition of shooting. A club might put a finishing session on but is that specific to the player?

It might be specific to one player but the other five or six in that session need other stuff.”

The personal attention makes a difference. Every session is filmed and they watch it back together. “Sometimes players do not realise they are doing something until they see it.

You can tell them but it is not until you show them. The power of video is great.”

Chickelday is keen to stress that “they are not just turning up and having 200 shots” – there is more to his work than that.

“The sessions are all planned out and based on the players’ needs and what I have seen in games. We sit down and we have a conversation.”

The idea is to tailor it to their individual needs. “It depends on what they want from it. We might identify certain areas of the pitch where they should be scoring more goals.

It could be the edge of the box or inside the box. It could be improving their movement.

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