July 20, 2022 || 6:37 pm

(HD Video) Cristiano Ronaldo is The Best Young Player Ever

This all sounds like time well spent for players determined to improve and squeeze every drop from their talent, but the question remains:

why are the coaches at these clubs not doing this work themselves with their own multi-million-pound assets?

“I know clubs work on it but it is strange that players come to work with me on finishing when they are in elite environments,” Chickelday acknowledges.

“I know managers work on formations and phases of play. Maybe they just do not get the time. I don’t know.”

One intriguing possibility is that many players prefer not to do some of this work in front of the people with whom they are competing for a place in the team – and the people in charge of selecting that team. Working with an outsider makes this a safe space.

“Some players just want to do an hour solid on their weaker foot,” adds Chickelday.

“Maybe they don’t want to take that to their manager because maybe they think they are getting away with it up to now and they don’t want to be too open with a weakness.

“I know Harry Kane did it at Spurs where he worked on his left foot in training for three months but some players perhaps are not confident enough or do not have the stature to be able to tell their manager they are only going to use their left foot that week.

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