July 24, 2022 || 3:30 pm

(HD Video) ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ 23 Years Old vs 33 Years Old

Manchester United are undergoing a much-needed rebuild under new manager Erik ten Hag, and nobody knows how long it may take for all the pieces to fall into place if they fall into place at all.

While many expect to see significant improvement from the team this season, there is a quiet resignation to the possibility that the club may not compete for glory anytime soon. It comes as no surprise that Ronaldo is looking to leave the club.

Losing Ronaldo might not be as detrimental to Manchester United as many would think. Here are 3 reasons why the club should allow ‘Cr7’ to play for other clubs:

Positive team morale is key for Manchester United this season
Positive team morale is going to be key for Manchester United this season. It was clear last season that the mood in the dressing room wasn’t ideal. Many players seemed unhappy at the club.

There were also reports of Cristiano Ronaldo’s discontent with Harry Maguire being captain. Friction in the dressing room proved to be detrimental to the team’s performance on the pitch.

Under new manager Erik Ten Hag, we have witnessed improved morale in the side during pre-season. Given the fact that Ronaldo wants to leave, his presence in the dressing room may hurt the team mentally.

Ronaldo will expect to start every game
When Ralf Rangnick substituted Ronaldo in the second half at Brentford last season, the Portuguese forward did not hide his frustration at the German’s decision. Ronaldo was seen visibly shaking his head multiple times.

While Ronaldo is a match-winner with a gritty mindset, the team always comes before any individual player. The Portuguese was no doubt the club’s best player last season but there is an argument his general play does not benefit the team as much as it should.

In Ten Hag’s system, the most imperative principle is playing good football. At the minute it’s difficult to see where Ronaldo would fit in as there is a requirement for forward players to work hard and press from the front, something which doesn’t come naturally to the 37-year-old.

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