July 23, 2022 || 10:35 am

(HD Video) ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ 100% Cheating Moments

Ronaldo is desperate enough to join a club with a chance of winning the Champions League that he would reduce wage demands but despite claims him moving

to Atletico Madrid would boost the club’s merchandising revenue too many Atleti fans are against the idea for that to be a clear cut certainty.

Not only did Ronaldo score more goals against Atletico than almost any other team in Spain but he was not always kind to Real Madrid’s neighbours.

In 2019 after facing them as a Juventus player he gestured that he had won five Champions Leagues and the club had won none, as he helped the Italian side knockout Diego Simeone’s team.

Ronaldo also taunted Simeone by imitating the crotch-grabbing goal celebration the Argentine coach had used in the first leg.

Simeone is unlikely to be fazed by that, but the supporters, who had jeered Ronaldo throughout the two legs, have not forgotten his ‘you’ve never won what it’ jibe.

‘Why do we want him now when he is no longer at his best, and when he was at his best he disrespected us,’ was one opinion typical of many supporters.

Ronaldo is desperate to win the Champions League again but his dig that Atleti had never won it make it difficult for him to join the club.

Ronaldo has broken the records for most goals and most performances in the Champions League but that is not enough for him. He wants to set the bar so high his bests will remain unmatched for years to come.

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