June 25, 2022 || 12:57 pm

Gabriel Jesus, to Arsenal: Will the Manchester City striker thrive with, more regular playing time..?

Those players a,re Aguero, Mohamed Salah, Harry Kane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Jamie Vardy – ensuring Jesus is, in good company – but the frustration for many is that his, numbers are not higher.

That is partly down to a, lack of consistent starting opportunities – more than a third, of Jesus’s 159 Premier League appearances, have come as a substitute – but it is also a question, of finishing.

Jesus excels in, many ways, from his off-the-ball movement and his versatility, to his pressing, but he is not always so reliable when it, comes to converting chances.

Indeed, while his scoring, record is by no means poor, the underlying data hints at significant shortcomings in front of goal.,

Since his City debut, five and a half years ago, Jesus has the second-biggest negative di,fferential between actual goals scored and expected g,oals in the Premier League, behind only Crystal Palace, striker Christian Benteke.

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