July 18, 2022 || 3:36 pm

Funniest Red Card Moments In Football

Funniest Red Card Moments In Football

Premier League golden b’oy Cristiano Ronaldo luckily escapes a red card after booti’ng Newcastle United’s Ryan Fraser. Manchester United went o’n to equalise not so long after.

Newcastle United were on for a bril’liant win in their Monday Night’s match against Manc’hester United, having gone 1-0 up in the first half thr’ough Liverpool target Allan Saint-Maxi’min.

Ralf Rangnik has yet to ingrain his gegen’pressing football into the Manchester United team, a’s they continue to struggle in their top four fi’ght. This match has been no different, with Man United go’ing into half-time.behind against relegation threatened New’castle.

Ten minutes into the second half, the refe’ree made a huge call by only giving Portugal forward Cris’tiano Ronaldo a yellow card for a red card t’ackle.

The striker saw his team-mate Al’ex Telles lose the ball to a brilliant challenge and ra’n over to take his frustrations out on Newcastle’s Ry’an Fraser.
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