FDA Ban on Juul, Vaping Devices, Pods on, Hold as Company Appeals..!

Vaping company Juul Labs, Inc., asked a federal, court on June 28 to extend a temporary, stay on the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA), ban of its e-cigarettes and flavored pods.

The FDA said the week beforeTrusted, Source that the company’s application, for market approval provided “insufficient and conflicting data” about the, risks of its product, including whether, “potentially harmful chemicals” could leach, from the e-liquid pods.

As a result, the FDA ordered the San, Francisco-based company to stop selling its, vaping device and tobacco- and menthol-flavored pods.

Dr. Nino Paichadze, an assistant, research professor in the Milken Institute, School of Public Health at George Washington University, said, the agency’s move is an important step, for public health.

“Given the harms that e-cigarettes, cause among youth and adolescents, and the, potential to lead to a lot of health problems, during adulthood, this is significant,” she said.

The ban, though, was short-lived.

A federal appeals court for the, District of Columbia Circuit temporaril,y blocked the FDA’s ban on June 24 after Juul filed an emergency, motion seeking a reprieve while it appealed the agency’s decision.

The following Tuesday, Juul filed, a motion with the same court seeking to, extend the stay.

In its filing, the company said, the FDA had overlooked 6,000 pages of data, about the aerosols created when the liquid in the pods is heated, by the vaping device, reports

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