July 22, 2022 || 11:37 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo’s First Season at Real Madrid (HD VIDEO)

What you’re about to read is p’ure speculation. It’s an exercise in what might happen, i’n trying to find logic in a game (football) that has lit’tle and a summer rite of passage (the transfer market) th’at often has even less.

With Cristiano Ronaldo’s fu’ture seemingly up in the air with few options, it could lea’d to a momentous return for one of the greatest players in t’he history of the game.

Last year, Ronaldo’s summer end’ed with his agent, Jorge Mendes, going on a virtual road’show of European clubs to see if there was a deal to be str’uck.

From Paris Saint-Germain to Manch’ester City and, eventually, his return to Old Tra’fford, where he signed for Manchester United in the fin’al hours of the transfer window.

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