July 30, 2022 || 1:08 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo Top 20 Amazing Skill Moves 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo may be in a le’ague of his own when it comes to scoring goals, but the Manch’ester United star must accept he is still some wa’y off being football’s best creator.

The Portuguese superstar h”olds the all-time record for most goals by an intern’ational footballer after surpassing Ali Daei’s hau’l last year and is some way clear of Lionel Messi as t’he Champions League’s top goal-getter. He also posted a ret’urn of 450 goals in 438 appearances for Real Ma’drid in Spain – a record averaging better than a goal a gam’e.

But in being the man for t’he big occasion, the 37-year-old is usually sup’ported by those behind him creating chances. And that m’eans the lethal finisher is the one relied upon to find the bac’k of the net, rather than helping his team-mat’es do

While Ronaldo’s rival Mes’si may not be as prolific, there is a school of thought t’hat the Argentinian is more influential in the bu’ild-up play due to his incredible range of passing. Like’wise, in the Premier League, Ronaldo’s tally of three ass’ists in the Premier League pales in comparison to Mess’i’s 13 in Ligue 1.

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