July 27, 2022 || 10:04 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo & Neymar Jr Fights, Angry Moments -HD

Two of the sport’s bigge’st names took sword fighting to another level in an odd promot’ion
Football superstars Cristiano Rona’ldo and Neymar have fought with lightsabers in a bi’zarre advertisement for a Portuguese telecommunications comp’any.

The video, which was posted on Ro’naldo’s Instagram page , was a paid partnership with Port’ugal’s MEO, who specialise in services for telev’ision, internet and mobile phone.

With Neymar, dressed in 18th ce’ntury attire, featured as the advertisement begins, cus’tomers speak of what they wish to see on MEO’s entert’ainment subscription service.

Ronaldo, wearing similar clothi”ng to his Brazilian counterpart, then enters the sc’ene with a sword and challenges Neymar to a duel, wi’th the duo engaging in combat at close quar_ters.

The swords that both are hold’ing change into lightsabers as they continue to fight thro’ugh the advertisement.

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