July 20, 2022 || 8:03 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo & Marcelo – Friends Forever | Best Memories & Funny Moments

Cristiano Ronaldo is on’e of the best footballers of all time. Given his stature, h’e is also a great influence in the dressing room. Not’ably,

like his relationship with Braz’ilian international Marcelo, at Real Madrid, CR7 see’ms to have found a new bond in the Manchester United dres’sing room as well.

Alex Telles, United’s Brazilian le’ft-back, spoke about Ronaldo’s relationship with him an’d other Brazilians in the squad. Along with Tel’les,

Fred is the other Brazil’ian in the dressing room, and according to Alex, Rona’ldo tries to imitate the way they ta’lk.
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