July 31, 2022 || 8:57 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr ● Crazy Skills & Goals -HD

Cristiano Ronaldo jr per’forms the ‘Ronaldo Chop’
A video has emerged of the y’oung star looking a million dollars while honing his cra’ft at United’s facilities. The legend’s son passes the ba’ll against the wall before exploding forward with a fu’rious turn of pace.

He then completed a ‘step o’ver’, which was followed by the chop. The 11-year-old exe’cuted the move perfectly before smashing the ball in’to the top of the net.

In typical Ronaldo fashion, he remo’ved his shirt and celebrated to the camera. Of cour’se, the impressive clip prompted a massive response fro’m the fans who took to social media to give their verdi’ct.

One said: “‘He has the same sty’le as his father, lol even the cut he gave th’ere.”

watch video click here

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