July 24, 2022 || 1:14 am

Cristiano Ronaldo ● AGGRESSIVE Fights & Angry Moments (Real Madrid Days)

Footballer and photo-realis”tic statue subject Cristiano Ronaldo gave the people what t_hey wa”nt, treating over half a million fans to a recent sho”wer performance on Instagram Li’ve.

The star athlete rinsed o”ff and blew a kiss to the camera as 670,000 viewers tun’ed in. A record’ing of the stream has been making the roun”ds on Twitter:-

Ronaldo is the mos’t-follo’wed ath’lete on Instagram in the world, with over 410 mil’lion follow’ers.

He’s also no stranger to thir’st traps, which may explain the massive numb”ers:

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