complied by FFP rules after, Burnley and Leeds, threaten legal action..!

Everton insist, they are “confident” they have complied with Premier League Financial Fair, Play rules amid threats of legal action, from Burnley and Leeds.

Leeds and Burnley wrote to the Premier, League last week to question whether they, had broken Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules after, they recorded losses of £371.8m over the last three years.

A second joint letter has been, submitted to the Premier League asking them, to make sure Everton keep all emails and data related to their business, activities.

In an exclusive in The, Times newspaper on Friday afternoon, it was reported that Leeds, and Burnley also indicated their right, to make legal claims against the league and Everton.

Premier League rules allow clubs, to lose a maximum of £105m over, three years. Clubs who break the Premier League’s Profitability and Sustainability, rules can be fined or deducted points.

Clubs have been allowed to write off, losses caused by the pandemic; in their, latest accounts Everton said £170m of their losses were caused, by the pandemic.

Either Burnley or Leeds will be, relegated on Sunday but both clubs are committed, to seeing this course of action through to the end regardless of, which division they are playing in next season.

Burnley and Leeds want, Everton’s finances thoroughly investigated and have asked for an, independent commission to be set up to, decide whether Everton have broken Premier, League rules and whether they have a case to answer.

They have asked for the commission, to be set up within six weeks of the date of, their letter (May 13). If there has been a breach they want rules, to be enforced, and the maximum punishment, is a points deduction.

They want this dealt with before, next season’s fixtures are released, on June 16. They want a quick resolution – unlike the Premier League’s investigation, into Manchester City’s alleged breaches of financial fair play rules which have been, going on for more than three years.

There is believed to have been, encouragement from other Premier League clubs to, take this course of action.

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