July 25, 2022 || 1:58 am

Commentators Reactions on Ronaldo skills

Manchester United sc’o’res their second goal in the first half vs Aston Villa. T’his time it was an own goal by Aston Villa’s player. Au’ston Villa managed to score their first goal in the 49th mi’nute of the game.

At the time of the final whi’stle, the score is 2- 2 and Manchester United wasn’t a’ble to stop the 2nd goal by Aston Villa in the very last min’ute of the game.

Man United has to play a match ag’ainst Atletico Madrid on 30 July 2022. This is going to b’e a great and enjoyable match for the football fans bef’ore the season starts regu’larly.

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