July 26, 2022 || 12:45 am

Comedy Football , Epic Fails, Bizzare, Funny Skills

This is exactly what happe’ned during a friendly encounter between Chile and Venezuela’s wom’en’s football teams at the Estadio La Gra’nja.

With the match goalless at the 36_th minute, play was stopped after a large bla’ck dog ran onto the pitch.

It lay at the feet of Ch’ile’s goalkeeper Christine Endler, rolling over so it’s stomach could be scratched.

It then bounded over to the re’feree, again rolling over in a playful fashion, before run’ning the length of the pitch and over to the tech’nical area.

Players attempted to pick the do’g up on several occasions, but it refused to be lif’ted from the pitch.

Two players then managed to pi’ck up the dog together, and it was taken to the sidel’ines.

It is not the first time a d’og has invaded a football pitch in Chile. There was a biz’arre moment during a Sunday League match last year whe’n an Alsatian scored a set-piece.

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