Chelsea: Premier League, approves takeover deal from, Todd Boehly consortium..!

The Premier League club was put, up for sale before owner Roman Abramovich was sanctioned over his links, to Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

The purchase remains subject to the, Government issuing the required sale licence.

The final stages of the, transaction will then need to be completed.

The government does not want, Abramovich to make any proceeds from the sale, but sources are optimistic about a deal being finalised on Tuesday, night.

“We now believe everyone will, be ready to issue the necessary, licences” said one insider.

“The last remaining hurdle boils, down to a number of final technical details, that are being discussed with the club.”

Earlier this month the deal had seemed, close to collapse over concerns proceeds would, not reach good causes as promised by Abramovich.

Abramovich denied that he had asked, for his £1.5bn loan to Chelsea be repaid when, the club was sold.

Several parties expressed an interest, but Chelsea agreed to sell to the Boehly-led, consortium earlier in May.

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