May 13, 2022 || 12:44 pm

Can Benzema catch , Ronaldo after Raul..?

Benzema after, Levant’s goal
Benzema after Levant’s net goal, Photo: Reuters
Real Madrid fans, will long remember the 2009 change of team. Uncle and Cristiano Ronaldo, joined Real Madrid in June of that year. The next month, their partner was Karim Benzema. After, 13 years, only one of the three survives at Real.

It’s been nine years since Kaka, left the Santiago Bernabeu to do his, job in midfield. Ronaldo has been gone for four years. But Benzema, is still there. After Ronaldo’s departure, the French star, is playing as the main hope of, Real’s goal. He also scored a goal in Levant’s net last night. He is also, the second highest scorer in the history, of Real Madrid.

His companion in this place is Raul, Gonzalez. The funny thing is, Ronaldo is, the highest scorer in the history of Real and the second highest, number of ‘assists’. And Benzema is the, second highest scorer in Real history but the highest in assists.

Real won 6-0 against, Levante yesterday. In the 19th minute, Benzema, caught Raউলl with a goal from Vinicius’ cross from the le,ft edge. Ronaldo, (450), Benzema (323) and Raউলl (323) are the, top three goalscorers in Real’s history. There is good reason, to put Benzema before Raul.

Needless to say, he will overtake, Real’s ‘son of the house’. Who knows, Ronaldo, can be reached! Benzema, 34, could be a major, obstacle.

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