July 30, 2022 || 7:10 pm

Atletico Madrid vs Manchester United: Live Stream Scores Update (0-0)

51’|Blocking Maguire
How well the English def’ender waited for the ball. Cunha stole the ball but ran o’ut of ideas after Maguire’s defense and shot. The sh’ot hit the defender
8:57 AM8 minutes a’go

46’|Second half begi’ns
The ball is rolling ag’ain in Oslo. Atletico Madrid put it into play, looking for a b’all to Cunha. Let’s see what happens in the last 45 min’utes
8:51 AM13 minut’es ago

End of the first half. 0-0 d’raw in these first 45 minutes very intense but with few dan’gerous arrivals.
8:35 AM30 minutes a’go

47’|Kondogbia out
Atletico had the last cha’nce of the first half. Kondogbia headed a ball but the s’hot went over.
8:34 AM30 minutes ag’o

44’|Elanga had it
What a pass from Rashf’ord that left Elanga alone. The shot was saved witho’ut problems by Oblak. It was a good chance
8:30 AM34 minutes a’go

Mctominay has hit Obl’ak in the dispute of an aerial ball and the Englishman repro’ached something to the Atlético’s goalkeeper. The referee sho’ws him the yellow card
8:27 AM37 minut’es ago

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