At the end of the, discussion, his mother is waiting, for the decision of MBAP..!

Last week, Killian Mbappe, said the decision was almost final. He will announce where he will play, next season before June. At first, it was thought, to be the night of the Champions League final on May 26. It was later learned that Mbappe would announce, his decision in a video message next, Sunday. It is heard that it may happen on Saturday. But football fans, have to sit for so long!

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Griezmann-Bar্সa will be wrong, if they give back to Real
The storm is raging through, social media. Suddenly the news came last night, the rumor of the last, one year is lying and staying, in PSG. Real Madrid fans who have been fascinated by Mbappe for so long have, now become his arch-enemies., Meanwhile, PSG supporters, who spent their days in fear of losing Mbappe, are once again, finding strength in their, throats. But what did Mbappe really decide? His mother did not, know that.

Messi, Neymar will be, with Mbappe?
Messi, Neymar will be with, Mbappe?Photo: Instagram
Mbappe has not been, giving any opinion about the change of party in the, last few days. He is completely silent even after one buzz after anothe,r in the market. Journalists have to deal, with news from people close to MBAP. In this case, his mother Faiza, Lamari is ahead. A few days ago, Barcelona, president Juan Laporta said that Mbappe wanted a salary of 50 million, euros for the season without taxes. That, is why Barcelona did not show interest in taking him.

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PSG thinks Mbappe is going, to Real, Real thinks Mbappe is staying at PSG
Mbapp’s mother Lamari protested, after hearing such news. He said they never went to, talks with Barcelona. So who did you discuss with? With PSG and, Real Madrid. “We will not have any further, discussions (with any party) on the future of Mbopp, the time for these, talks is over,” Lamari told Egyptian media o,utlet Cora Plus today. Mbappe and his family, traveled to Qatar last week, where rumors circulated that new offers, had been made.

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