Alex Neil says, Sunderland’s promotion is ‘the, first step’ towards the club’s hopes, of a Premier League return..!

Alex Neil says Sunderland’s promotion, is ‘the first step’ towards the club’s, hopes of a Premier League return
Alex Neil on Sunderland’s hopes after, beating Wycombe 2-0 in the League One, play-off final: “This club shouldn’t be where it is, and this is the, first step towards getting us back, where we want to be.”

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Sunderland manager Alex Neil says t,heir promotion to the Championship is the first step in their attempt to get back to where they want to be
Alex Neil said Sunderland’s promotion, to the Championship is “the first step” towards where they want to be after their play-off victory, over Wycombe at Wembley.

Neil, who only took over at the S,tadium of Light in February, led the Black, Cats back to the second tier after a four-year absence with a 2-0 win in the League One play-off final, through goals in either half from Elliot Embleton and Ross Stewart.

“For me, coming to a job like this, in League One, I don’t want to manage, in League One – I had to try to get the club out of League One, to become a Championship manager again, under a lot of, pressure and scrutiny. But with a group of, players like that, it’s not a problem.”

Neil also revealed his pre-match words, to his players which would inspire them to, a fast start at Wembley, capped with Embleton’s early strike to give them a lead they would never surrender.

“I said to the lads in the, team-talk, it was about moments. Moments, your life, in your career. You can have all the money in the world, play, at high levels, do this, do that,” he said.

“But if you think about any key, players in the course of history – Van Basten,, his goal, Maradona, the goals against England, it’s moments in time, that are the most important thing.

“I said to the lads today, this is, your moment in time. You could be a hero today who’ll never, be forgotten. For this group, this team, the individuals, they’ll be remembered and, rightly so. I’m so pleased that’s the case.”

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