AHA News: Sleep Joins Revamped List, of Heart Health Essentials..!

WEDNESDAY, June 29, 2022 (American, Heart Association News) — Proper sleep, is essential, and a widely used scoring system for heart and brain, health is being redefined to reflect that.

Since 2010, the American Heart, Association has said seven modifiable, components – maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking, being physically, active, eating a healthy diet and, controlling blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar – were key to, ideal cardiovascular health.

Those components, dubbed Life’s Simple 7, becam,e a common way for doctors, and patients to rate and discuss heart and brain health. It’s also, been a key research tool, used in, more than 2,500 scientific papers.

Sleep duration joins those seven, original metrics in a revised scoring tool,, now called Life’s Essential 8, which published Wednesday as, an AHA presidential advisory in the journal Circulation.

The update is about much more than, adding sleep, said AHA president Dr. Donald, Lloyd-Jones, who led the expert panel that wrote the, advisory. The new score incorporates 12 years of research, and enhances its evaluation of diet, exercise, and more.

“We’re hoping that this will, in fact, be a moment of, empowerment, a moment of optimism for people to think, positively about their health,” said Lloyd-Jones, a, cardiologist, epidemiologist and chair of preventive, medicine at, Northwestern University Feinberg School of, Medicine in Chicago. “And this is a good way for them to, measure it today, monitor it, over time and focus on ways, to maintain and improve it.”

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