July 30, 2022 || 10:17 am

5 Favorite Cristiano Ronaldo Skills | He makes them in every match 🔝

Why is Cristiano Ronaldo look”ing to leave Man Utd?

Ferdinand told his FIVE YouT’ube channel: “Of course he’s not happy! You’re talking abo’ut Cristiano Ronaldo here! I don’t understand how it’s a b’ig story that Ronaldo is not happy with the way things a’re at Man Utd. He can’t be. I wouldn’t be.

“Anyone who wants to win foo’tball matches or trophies, anyone who is used to winning a’nd competing every year at the top of the table for the bigge’st prizes, and then all of a sudden isn’t – and doesn’t eve’n qualify for the Champions League – you can’t sit he’re and expect them to be happy.

“He’s not happy with missing ou’t on the Champions League, he doesn’t even know what the Euro’pa League soundtrack sounds like! When that com’es on, he’s going to be thinking ‘what dance am I in h’ere?’”

Ferdinand added, with Ron’aldo yet to return for pre-season training: “I’ve be’en seeing people being a touch disrespectful. The way th’at people are questioning ‘he’s not here’ and the hysteria surroun’ding it. A member of his family is not well, so he’s no’t at training.

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